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Values / Vision & Mission



Because we respect and care for those around us, we build a strong community here at Birmingham. We know that teamwork is how we can do our best and strive for better. We know that it takes lots of people with lots of different skills to make this a successful place for people to succeed. We are co-operative, helpful and responsible for the wellbeing of all of those around us.


We respect and care for those around us. We want our teammates to succeed and we want to be a part of their journey as much as we want them to be a part of ours. We are co-operative, friendly and caring. We don’t have to love everyone but we need to make sure that each day those around us feel valued and cared for.


We are courageous. We take responsible risks because we know what it takes to be a confident person. We are optimistic, positive and willing to try new things. We are proud of ourselves and the work we complete and have the positive attitude to expect better next time.


Because we are strong in who we are and have a respect for others, we build a strong community of people and learners. A strong group of people and learners are then ready to explore the world. We are curious. We are lifelong learners. We ask questions and we want to find ways to find the answers so we can ask bigger and better questions next time. We want to grow our minds and discover as much as we can about life, love and the universe.

Vision & Mission