Reports, Policies and Plans:

Birmingham Primary School’s school council is responsible for developing and approving a number of policies to reflect the school’s values and to support the school’s broad direction, as outlined in its strategic plan.

Some of the policies are required by law and the Department of Education and Training (Department), however – over the years – we have also developed other policies to address local needs.

It is our pleasure to make many of these policies available to the school community (via these pages) as a means to:

  • clarify functions and responsibilities,
  • manage change
  • promote consistency of practice
  • meet standards, and
  • ensure decision-making is transparent.

For general information about our curriculum programs, please see our Curriculum page, here.

*Birmingham P.S.: Attendance Policy

*Birmingham P.S.: Student Dress Code and Uniform Policy

*Birmingham P.S.: Visitors to School Policy

3.1 Student Welfare

*Birmingham P.S.: Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

*Birmingham P.S.: Bullying Prevention Policy

3.2 Student Care

*Birmingham P.S.: First Aid Policy

*Birmingham P.S.: Anaphylaxis

*Birmingham P.S.: Yard Duty and Supervision Policy

3.4 Child Safe Standards

The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards that ensure that all Victorian early childhood services and schools are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect. Compliance with the Child Safe Standards is required by law (through Ministerial Order 870).

*Birmingham P.S.: Child-safe Policy

*Birmingham P.S.: Child Safety Reporting Obligations (including Mandatory Reporting)