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School Council

School Council is an active part of the Birmingham Primary School community.

The parent and guardian members offer valuable perspectives based on their personal experiences, insights from their children, and the broader parent and guardian community. Meanwhile, teachers bring their extensive educational expertise to the council, benefiting the school community as a whole. What is a School Council? It is a formally established entity endowed with the authority to determine the primary course of action for a school. It serves as the primary governing body of the institution and holds a crucial role in overseeing the processes of school accountability and enhancement.

The Birmingham School Council aims to:

  • Facilitate effective governance of the school.
  • Prioritise the best interests of the students.
  • Improve educational opportunities for students.
  • Ensure compliance with various relevant legislations, regulations, and Education Department directives, orders, or policies.

The School Council’s responsibilities and functions encompass: 

  • Establishing the overall direction and vision of the school within the school’s community.
  • Contributing to the development and oversight of the School Strategic Plan.
  • Crafting, reviewing, and updating school policies.
  • Generating funds for school-related purposes.
  • Approving annual budgets and overseeing expenditure.
  • Managing the school’s premises and facilities.
  • Engaging in contracts, such as those for cleaning or construction.
  • Cultivating interest in the school within the broader community.

2024 School Council Structure:

Executive Officer

  • Trish Enzinger (Principal)

Parent Electorate

  • Matthew Bell (President)
  • Kimberly Condron (Vice President)
  • Finley Burke (Treasurer)
  • Bosiljka Sofranic (Secretary)
  • Stephen Billson
  • Nick Beimers
  • Elle East
  • Tara Johnson

Department of Education Electorate

  • Robyn Bellamy (Assistant Principal)
  • Steve Harvey (Assistant Principal)
  • Wendy Langmaid (Business Manager)
  • Jo Rose (Teacher)
  • Thomas James (Teacher)
  • Chris Scott (Teacher)