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Council of International Schools

At Birmingham Primary School we are proud to be a fully accredited member of the Council of International Schools (CIS).

Accreditation is gained through the demonstrated meeting a range of standards across the areas of governance, philosophy, teaching, learning, curriculum, staffing, inclusive communities and student engagement. The standards apply to schools everywhere in the world, regardless of whether the school is in Paris, London, Singapore or Mount Evelyn!

It is our vision ‘to inspire the development of global citizens through providing a high-quality international standard of education for all’. In the attainment of achieving our vision we have made it our mission to ‘create a stimulating learning environment that inspires every individual to realise their unique potential as a global citizen’. Every moment of every day we are striving to provide just the right environment with high expectations and consistency in all our programs that allow your child the perfect opportunity to thrive. 

As Global Citizens our students show empathy, resilience and open-mindedness. We respect, celebrate, and embrace the diversity of cultures. We are aware of, and take action to solve challenges affecting our world, its wildlife, its people, and its environment. we work together to make the world, locally and globally, a better place for present and future generations.