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At Birmingham Primary School, we boast an exceptional, well-stocked library. Every class utilises this space for a dedicated library session each week. Depending on students’ interests and reading levels, they have the opportunity to borrow up to five books per week from our extensive collection of both fiction and non-fiction texts. Embracing diversity is crucial, as it aids in the students’ reading progression and comprehension. 

We actively engage in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, where dedicated students receive recognition at a school-wide level. Book Week is a highly anticipated event, featuring an extraordinary book parade that both our students and staff eagerly anticipate. It’s a joyous time for all involved. Additionally, we host author visits throughout the year, providing enlightening sessions that ignite the students’ enthusiasm for literacy-focused learning.

Harvest to Table

The Harvest to Table program is an engaging initiative offered to Year Four students at Birmingham Primary School. Its goal is to provide authentic learning experiences that foster a range of practical skills and knowledge across multiple key learning areas. 

The program involves hands-on activities with fresh produce, fruits, and compost during gardening sessions. In the kitchen, students engage in cutting, preparing, handling food, and cooking using a variety of equipment like stoves and frypans. They also have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor by eating the foods they’ve harvested and cooked.


The International School-to-School Experience (ISSE) is a unique international program for schools that provides for the exchange of thoughts and ideas through face-to-face contact with children from other countries around the world. It is non-profit, non-political, and non-religious in nature. The program gives all ten to twelve year old children the opportunity to experience and understand other cultures on a first-hand basis. It is an innovative approach for schools that realise the importance of international experience in modern student education. 

Birmingham Primary School is one of only four Australian schools who participate in the program which also includes a large number of participating schools across: China, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Japan, USA, Cambodia and Peru.


We are very proud and place great value on our relationship with Murrundindi. He is the ngurungaeta (leader) of the Wurundjeri people. Murrundindi works with year levels throughout the school year and teaches Indigenous Culture through stories, games, boomerang throwing and dance.


Birmingham recognises and celebrates the variety of learning styles, abilities, interests, and talents amongst its students. To foster this diversity, we provide a broad array of enrichment and extracurricular activities, including: 

  • Band
  • Brickulum (STEM program)
  • Camps
  • Inter-School Sports
  • Junior and Senior Choirs
  • Junior School Council
  • Lunchtime Clubs (Lego, coding, colouring, etc.)
  • Musical Production
  • Noisecraft Music Lessons
  • Swimming Program
  • UNSW Competitions
  • VHAP Assessments

Support Programs

Throughout the school, teachers may recognise students who require extra support. This extra support can come in the form of both student learning but also wellbeing. To cater for these students, Birmingham provides these intervention support programs: 

  • Counselling
  • Literacy Intervention (Prep – Grade 2)
  • MacLit
  • Psychologist
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Toe by Toe