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Foundation (Prep)

Building future leaders

Foundation at Birmingham

Beginning Foundation marks a significant and thrilling milestone in your child's educational voyage. We are dedicated to ensuring that your child embarks on their Primary School journey with the best possible start.

Embarking on primary school marks a significant achievement for your child. The initial years are filled with excitement and engagement, playing a crucial role in long-term development, learning, and overall well-being. Cultivating positive relationships and experiences during these early stages is key.


For the Foundation year, the first year of primary school, your child should have turned five by April 30 of that year. Attendance is mandatory in the year they turn six, which is the compulsory school-starting age. 


We warmly welcome enrolments each year, extending a greeting to both new and current families. Upon enrolment at Birmingham for the upcoming year, your child will participate in various school visits and sessions designed to foster connections with both new students and families joining Birmingham. 

Transition Sessions

Your child will engage in a number of 'Transition Sessions', including both classroom and Specialist subjects, before they meet their class and teacher on 'Orientation Day' in December. Recognising the significance of commencing school, we are dedicated to collaborating with you to ensure a seamless initiation into this important journey for both students and their families.


Literacy workshops in Foundation at our school include:

  • Decoding/solving words
  • Building reading fluency
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Practising correct letter formation
  • Building phonemic awareness
  • Focus on common spelling patterns
  • Developing confidence in reading and writing
  • Building motivated and engaged lifelong readers
  • Foster a love of writing


Numeracy workshops in Foundation at our school include:

  • Building confidence, fluency and problem solving skills
  • Developing their understanding of the numbers to 20 (and beyond)
  • Using a variety of materials to support their learning
  • Exploring numbers authentically and understanding how they are used in the world around them
  • Using technology to explore maths concepts
  • Practising number formation


Inquiry units in Foundation at our school include:

My Community and I – People around me, school values, settling into school

Change Detectives – How things change, cooking, science experiments

Fairy Tales – Narratives (characters, settings, etc.)

Under the Sea – Sea creatures, underwater life


Events in Foundation at our school include:

Term 1
School Photos
Prep Family Picnic

Term 2
Fun Fun Run

Term 3
100 Days of School
Fairy Tale Ball
Book Week
Special Person Day

Term 4
School Swimming
Aquarium Excursion

Say Hello to Molly!

Molly is our resident therapy dog and a proud member of the Foundation team. Molly works at Birmingham to provide assistance to students dealing with social and emotional learning challenges. Molly’s work at our school helps promote: 

  • Increased school attendance
  • Boosts in confidence
  • Reductions in anxiety-related behaviours
  • Positive shifts in attitudes toward learning
  • Increased motivation
  • Strengthened relationships

Prep 2025 Information

Open Morning & Info Night

Please come and visit us on our Open Morning or our Prep Information Night. Both offer a look at our school and Prep Classrooms. You will also have the chance to meet and chat to our teachers and principals. 

Transition Dates This Year

A key aspect of our school is the highly effective Foundation Transition Program we offer. Ensuring the swift happiness and security of all new students is a top priority for us. Having your child attend our Foundation Transition program is an excellent way to ensure they start their journey with us on a positive note.

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Enrolling Your Child

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