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The Visual Arts program provides all children with an opportunity to imaginatively explore and express their feelings, whilst developing their skill levels through challenging activities. 

Students engage with and develop knowledge of visual arts, skills, techniques and processes, and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.

Global Studies

The Global Education program aims to help students understand their place in the world, valuing and celebrating the similarities and diversities amongst all cultures, locally and globally. Students will also develop an awareness of ethical decision making and sustainable practices. 

These aims are reflected in the school’s Mission and Vision statements as well as the school values of Courage, Compassion, Community and Curiosity.


Children learn to communicate in Italian in different contexts, as well as to gain a deep understanding of Italian culture and history. 

Lessons are designed to be interesting, fun and interactive and will often incorporate music, drama, art and craft through activities such as singing songs, playing games, performing role-plays, designing posters and creating learning resources.


The major focus of the Music Program is for students to enjoy learning about the fundamentals of music (e.g. beat, rhythm, tone colour, melody and style, in a meaningful way). 

Listening underpins all music learning. Students listen to, compose and perform music in a wide range of styles from diverse cultures, times and locations. 

Students compose and perform music using the voice, body, instruments, found sound sources, and digital technologies.

Physical Education

Primarily, the Physical Education curriculum lays the important early foundations of play and fundamental movement skills. It focuses on the acquisition and refinement of a broad range of movement skills. 

At Birmingham PS, children in grades 3-to-6 are also involved in a 40-60 minute sport session each week, where the skills introduced in P.E. sessions can be applied in game situations. 

Students develop skills and dispositions necessary for lifelong participation in physical activities.


STEM education covers the specific knowledge and skills found in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. It also covers the many connections between these areas, allowing learning to be delivered in an integrated way. All our students from Prep – Year 6 participate in a weekly specialist STEM session. 

Students foster curiosity and compassion exploring the natural world, whilst learning science inquiry skills. Problem solving and critical thinking are developed through the design-thinking process to design, build and test prototypes. Our students use digital technologies to further their understanding within our STEM lab. STEM learning fosters collaborate skills, providing students with opportunities to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges.