Community Involvement:

At Birmingham Primary School, we believe that strong links between home and school foster student learning and community engagement. We offer plenty of opportunities for parents to assist and to be a part of their child’s learning. They include;

  • Parent Helper Courses
  • Parent volunteers;
    • on the Community Building Team,
    • in classrooms,
    • at grade and/or year level events (such as excursions, camps, etc),
    • at whole school events such as working-bees, Christmas carols, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day events, etc,
    • on School Council,
    • in the canteen,
    • at the uniform shop,

Check out the info-graphic below for a brief description of some of the opportunities available:

*Click on the image below to expand it.

*Click on the image below to expand it.

We are well aware that some parents are more able to help than others and we would never ask that you move Heaven-and-Earth in your own life – or the life of your family – to avail yourself to our regular timetables or occasional requests. We value and appreciate any parental involvement that you can offer.