There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that when networks of schools work collaboratively, student achievement is optimised. The Lilydale Network of schools including both primary and secondary are very pleased to be able to work closely to take the education of our students to the next level. On Thursday May the 10th as part of an ongoing shared practice agenda, we will be engaging with a range of workshops held at varying network schools between 4.15pm and 5.30pm, organised and led by specialist teachers from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Teachers will be able to choose to attend workshops on a range of subjects including: digital coding, STEM, critical thinking, ethical capabilities, literacy, numeracy, music and health education. They will hear from expert teachers who have the latest in evidence based teaching strategies that will ensure our students benefit when the teachers return to the classroom. The opportunity for our teachers to come together and share ideas is also an important part of the shared practice program. We look forward to engaging with the workshops and continuing the ongoing professional learning that engages and inspires our teachers into the future.